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NOW OFFERING treatment for Healing Relational Trauma & Intimacy Disorders TM based on Pia Mellody's Post Induction Therapy Model ® for treating relational trauma and/or codependence!  This treatment focuses on childhood trauma and its effects in adulthood. (https://www.themeadows.com/about/the-meadows-model/)

ALSO OFFERING Relational Life Therapy for Couples as pioneered by Terry Real. (www.TerryReal.com).  Michael is a national Trainer and Certified Practitioner of RLT.  He offers ongoing couples therapy, 1 day intensives, and case consultations for couples therapists.

COUPLE'S JUMPSTART ONE DAY INTENSIVE! (see tab above for more information)

Is your relationship facing challenges that seem insurmountable? Are you struggling to overcome the lingering effects of childhood trauma? Michael Evans offers a transformative therapeutic journey tailored to your unique needs. He is Certified in Relational Life Therapy under the guidance of Terry Real. Drawing from RLT principles, his sessions are centered around cultivating authentic connections and fostering healthy communication. As of 2024, Michael is an RLT Trainer working with therapists in the US, Canada, and Europe who are working to become certified in RLT and offering individual Case Consultations.

Furthermore, Michael is trained in and incorporates the groundbreaking techniques of Post Induction Therapy (aka. The Meadows Model) by Pia Mellody, emphasizing the significance of addressing underlying emotional issues and childhood trauma to achieve enduring emotional healing and personal growth.

Healing happens in community and in the context of healthy relationships. Evans Counseling Center is a place where all humans are valued, honored, and welcomed. We commit to provide a space of inclusivity and belonging; respect and dignity regardless of race, creed, color, sexual orientation or gender identification.


"(My husband and I) went in to the Intensive couples session with no real expectations. Michael was amazing at getting real answers and responses out of my quiet husband, and to get me out of my overthinking patterns as well. I feel like he was able to really see our personalities and discover our patterns quickly and help us to navigate a better way to understand each other. I highly recommend the Intensive if you want to cover a lot of ground in 1 session."

"I feel like I made more progress in a couple of months, than I did in years of previous therapy."

"I feel like Michael was really able to help me address the underlying causes of my problem in addition to offering coping skills."

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