How is this couples therapy different from what I've tried before?

Many couples go to therapy and find that it is one gripe session after another without any real progress being made toward their goals. Often couples therapy does not get to the "how-to's" of relational repair.

Our couples therapy is more directive than other approaches and focuses on building the skills that have been shown to be effective in repairing damaged relationships.

What is a couples therapy session usually like?

Once a thorough history is taken, emphasis is placed on clarifying treatment goals.  Once goals are clarified, emphasis is placed on learning and developing skills that the couple will use between sessions to repair their relationship.  The next session will include a review of the couple's experience of using the tools.  Any obstacles or stuck points will be used for coaching and clarification and the process will generally repeat.

How long do sessions usually last?

Generally the length of each session and the number of sessions is determined with each couple based on a variety of factors including the level of crisis, time and budget.  Each session will last about an hour.  However, for couple who choose to do so, we offer two hour sessions.  Many couples find this helpful so that they can make more progress in fewer sessions.   Weekly sessions often see the most progress.  If a couple only has 12 sessions, for example, more progress will usually be made in 12 weekly sessions versus 12 monthly sessions.

What sorts of skills and tools are likely to be discussed?

In addition to a thorough history and a clarification of goals, some of the tools and skills discussed include the following:

  • The most 2 Important keys to successful relational repair
  • How to have the best chance win your spouse's heart back
  • How to help your spouse feel loved
  • How to communicate effectively without blame and have the best chance for results
  • How to stop having the same arguments over and over
  • How to stay on topic during a disagreement
  • How to have a good complaint department
  • What to do when you feel overheated
  • Recognize what you need to feel loved
  • Better understand our destructive cycle and how to break out of it
  • How to recover from an extra-marital affair
  • What to do when my spouse says he/she does not love me anymore
  • How to request what you need from your spouse
  • How to respond when your spouse makes a request
  • Common ways relationships get stuck and how to get out of them
  • How to repair your relationship even if your spouse does not want to

What is your experience and success rate with couples who are in crisis?

Michael has many years experience in working with couples in a variety of settings.  His own marriage of 24 years has been a proving ground of his approach, and he has learned much from the many trials and struggles of any marriage.  Our approach has been shaped largely by the work of Pia Mellody (Post Induction Therapy), Terry Real (Relational Life Therapy), and others in the field of relational repair.  While every couple is unique in its own way, with treatment 2 out of 3 couples are able to repair their relationship and move forward.  The 1/3 couples who do not stay together, still learn valuable information about themselves and their relating style as well as useful tools to take with them into their future relationships.

What do I need to do go get started?

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